Mobile VGA/DVI/HDMI Conferencing & Presentation System

The MediaCaddy.i/HD Mobile Conferencing & Presentation System includes all relevant Conferencing and Presentation necessities - and much more - in a sleek, stylish mobile Bene enclosure.

Two presentation notebooks/computers with analog VGA/audio or DVI/HDMI can be connected directly to the MediaPort.i/HD Conferencing Switch & AV-Center, all necessary connecting cables for VGA/DVI/HDMI, audio, Ethernet, power sockets and power cables are included - and elegantly stored - in the Mediacaddy.i.

The "all-in-one" Conferencing & Presentation System
An integrated, 720P-upscaling DVD-Player and a DVB-T Freeview Digital TV-Receiver, a Microphone Amplifier with support for XLR conferencing microphones, the integrated class-D Digital Amplifier (2*50W) and two JBL Pro speakers and the actively cooled 3000 Lumen NEC with VGA & DVI/HDMI inputs make this the ideal Conferencing & Presentation solution.

The Mediacaddy.i/HD offers a MediaDock Receiver for the MediaRoom Analog DockingBus, allowing you to connect up to 144 additional Audio/Video Conferencing Positions to the MediaCaddy.i Projector over VGA.

The MediaNet Analog Transmitter (up to 25m CAT) drives/controls remote additional Presentation Displays or Projectors connected to a Mediabridge.V2 Receiver.

The Digital DockingBus Receiver of the MediaCaddy.i/HD allows you to connect up to 64 Digital DVI/HDMI to ther internal Projector or to the MediaNet Digital Transmitter (up to 15/25m CAT), which drives/controls remote HDMI/DVI Presentation Displays or Projectors connected to a Mediabridge.HD Digital Receiver

Videoconferencing Systems or other media components like BluRay players, HD Sattelite- and Cable-Receivers or even legacy VCRs can be connected, signals are upconverted from YPBPR or FBAS/Composite (requires optional mediaconverter) to the highest analog VGA resolutions or HDMI/DVI.

IR and RS232 control for your Conferencing Project Devices
Bene Motorized Display Lifts & Projection Screens, Lighting Systems, motorized curtains or blinds, heating/climatization systems and of course all connected media components like BluRay or DVD, SAT-receivers, displays and projectors can be controlled over the MediaPort/MediaDock IR-boost or RS232 and RelayBox control units.

Full Touchscreen Management and Control over LAN, W-LAN or IR
The programmable :3C! vidision Touchscreen IR Remote, a W-LAN-based mobile Touchpanel/MID or even your iPhone control all Conferencing/Control functionality, all functions can also be managed over LAN or WAN connections.