MediaPort IV/HD

Analog/Digital Conferencing Switch, HDMI Matrix & AV-Center

The new MediaPort IV/HD Digital & Analog Conferencing Switch & AV-center connects up to 144 Analog WUXGA Audio/Video Conferencing Positions and up to 64 Digital HDMI/DVI/Audio Conferencing Inputs to your choice of VGA or HDMI/DVI Presentation Displays or Conferencing Projectors over a CAT-based single cable Analog DockingBus and a dual-CAT Digital DockingBus.

The HDMI/DVI Digital DockingBus can also be configured for 32+3x2 HDMI Matrix installations, so that each connected HDMI/DVI system can be presented on each of the two HDMI/DVI display/projector outputs.

Virtually unlimited Media Device Support
No matter what type of Media Device you need to integrate into your Conferencing or Presentation Project, the :3C! vidision Mediaport IV/HD gives you all the options: Videoconferencing Systems, local and remote Computers, DVD- or BluRay Players, Sattelite- and Cable-Receivers can be connected and controlled.

Three HDMI/DVI ports, two Analog VGA HD15, two integrated YPBPR Component Progressive Scan 720p inputs with WSXGA converters, even legacy devices like VCRs (Composite/FBAS output requires optional media converter) can be connected to the MediaPort IV/HD.

An integrated class-D Digital Amplifier (2*50W) gives you basic conferencing audio amplification, the optional Slimstage Soundprojectors and Woofers offer 400W Dolby Surround Solutions.

IR and RS232 control for your Conferencing Project Devices
Bene Motorized Display Lifts & Projection Screens, Lighting Systems, motorized curtains or blinds, heating/climatization systems and of course all connected media components like BluRay or DVD, SAT-receivers, displays and projectors can be controlled over the integrated MediaPort IR-boost or RS232 and RelayBox control units.

Full Touchscreen Management and Control over LAN, W-LAN or IR
The programmable :3C! vidision Touchscreen IR Remote, a W-LAN-based mobile Touchpanel/MID or even your iPhone control all Conferencing/Control functionality, all functions can also be managed over LAN or WAN connections.

Digital HDMI/DVI Inputs:
4 - 64HDMI/DV/Audio connected to MediaDock.4HD Conferencing Docks
8 - 32HDMI/DV/Audio in 32+3x2 HDMI Matrix Configuration
3 x DVI/HDMI Input up to 1080P/WUXGA-1920*1200

Analog AV Inputs:
2 - 144WUXGA/Audio connected to MediaDock.V2 Analog
2 x WUXGA Analog (HD15)
2 x YPBPR/720P Component Inputs with WSXGA-Converter
7 x Audio Line In
1 x Microphone Line In

Digital AV Outputs:
1 x 32/3x2 HDMI/DVI Matrix/Splitter (Splitting Function without HDCP support)
1 x MediaNet Digital Transmitter (up to 15/25m CAT) drives/controls remote HDMI/DVI Presentation Displays or Projectors connected to a Mediabridge.HD Digital Receiver
1 x HDMI Digital Output (can be upgraded with a second Medianet/MediaBridge.HD Transmitter & Receiver set for remote HDMI/DVI displays or projectors)

Analog AV Outputs:
1 x MediaNet Analog Transmitter (up to 25m CAT) drives/controls remote Presentation Displays or Projectors connected to a Mediabridge.V2 Receiver
1 x WUXGA HD15 Analog Output (can be upgraded with a second Medianet/MediaBridge Transmitter & Receiver set for remote displays or projectors)
1 x Audio Line Out
1 x Audio Line Out for additional audio amplifiers or powered speakers
1 x Subwoofer Output
2 x Loudspeaker Output