:3C! vidision’s unique MediaTower is precisely engineered to meet the many, varied demands of the retail, fast food and out-of-home advertising industries for a durable, reliable, attractive and engaging all-in-one digital signage display unit.

MediaTowers are designed with several screen sizes and totem style portrait orientations. They can function as standard scheduled digital sign displays, or equipped with interactive-ready touchscreens.

MediaTowers are available in stainless, rubber-coated and powder-coated steel to best match or accent the interior finishes of venues.

Each MediaTower includes an integrated multimedia PC with the latest Intel CPUs, or integrated CAT6-STP Receivers (providing up to 150 metres reach for signal transfer).

MediaTowers are available with 46, 52 and 65-inch LCDs in singles or as s stacked double.

MediaTower Applications:

:3C! vidision’s MediaTowers can be used in countless ways and configurations for everything from straight promotion marketing and advertising to interactive stations in retail and public spaces.


Out of home advertisers use MediaTowers to replace standard print posters with vibrant digital screens that can support multiple, full motion spots and be scheduled to change and be updated as much as needed.

Retail Marketing

Retailers use MediaTowers to energize stores and malls with timed promotions that can be targeted down to shopping zones. Sales promotion posters that don’t go up on time and or stay up too long are no longer an issue.


The flexible design of MediaTowers introduce countless possibilities to meet interactive needs, from full-screen touch, to hybrids that use one screen for user input and the other for vivid HD video media playback.

46" MediaTower
MediaTower MT-46P

52" MediaTower
MediaTower MT-52P

65" MediaTower
MediaTower MT-65P